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Venetian Corfu

and Edward Lear's paintings
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In 1966 John Waller and his wife Jannie arrived in Corfu and built a house in 1970. Venetian Corfu and Edward Lear’s paintings illustrates where you can find images of 400 years of Venetian rule and Britain’s 50-year mandate. Edward Lear, famous for his comic writing, painted the island nearly 200 years ago. We start in Venice, travel through the Corfu Channel and learn about Ottoman invasions, French occupation and the Cold War. The book is a trailer for the documentary to follow.

43 Lear paintings, 30 maps, 230 photographs

John Waller
Yiannis Books


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Illustration Yes
Language English
ISBN 978-0-9547887-9-7
Publication 1st
Release date 2023
Place of publication England
Number of Pages 183
Dimensions 25 x 18
Cover Hard
Author John Waller

John Waller, engineer and ex-politician, when given a punt for his 60th birthday, started his writing journey. In 1966, John Waller and his Danish wife fall in love with Corfu, 'a heaven on earth'. On the wild west coast, they build a small summer house, which nearly slides down the mountain. Their neighbour pumps sewage onto their land...

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