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Gardens of Corfu

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Greenest of the Greek islands, Corfu has long inspired artists, writers, and travellers with the beauty of its natural landscapes and intrigued them with its unusual cultural history. Magnificently illustrated and a delight to read, this first-ever book on Corfu’s gardens focuses entirely on private gardens, which range from romantic old estates and highly personal ‘grandmothers’ gardens’ to stunning contemporary works by international designers. Rich with stories about the gardens and their creation, the text brims with insights into the island’s unusual social and natural history. A series of in-depth portraits shows how design ideals have evolved, influenced by global and mediterranean design trends but respecting the local spirit of place and drawing on local craft traditions. The newer gardens are designed for sustainability, conserving water and drawing inspiration from the surrounding natural landscape. Tracing the roots of their inspiration, the book’s last chapter explores the island’s varied wild landscape and the procession of wildflowers through the seasons. The illustrations are by Marianne Majerus, who won the 2018 IGPOTY European Garden Photography award for one of the photographs in the book. The Preface is by Mary Keen, garden columnist for the UK Daily Telegraph.

Rachel Weaving
Marianne Majerus, Photographer


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Language English
Publishing Αυτοέκδοση
Illustration Yes
Color Colorful
ISBN 978-1-9997825-1-1
Release date 2018
Place of publication Washington
Number of Pages 256
Dimensions 35 x 25
Cover Hard Cover
Author Rachel Weaving

Rachel Weaving, a writer and garden maker, came late to Corfu but fell quickly in love with the island's natural beauty and spellbinding gardens. After a career in communication and management in interantional financial organisations, she obtained an RHS Certificate in Horticulture, studied garden design at the Oxford College of Garden Design, and advised on garden design. She began creating her current garden twelve years ago on a Corfiot hillside. The challenge of doing so led her to study the island's gardening conditions and traditions and their roots in its culture, history, and natural environment. She lives in Washington, DC and Corfu.

Artist Marianne Majerus, Photographer

Marianne Majerus is one of Europe's finest garden photographers; her artistic and sensitive images are sought after by publishers and private clients. She has won many awards including International Garden Photographer of the Year and Photographer of the Year by the Garden Media Guild. She is a founding member of the Professional Garden Photographers' Association and a RHS judge. Recent books include Gardens of the Italian Lakes, Great Gardens of London, and Garden Design: A Book of Ideas, for which she was awarded the title of Book Photographer of the year by the Garden Media Guild. She won the 2018 European Garden Photography Award with an image from this book.

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